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Adaptive Sill 4-1/2" Outswing

Boot, Mill Sill Standard Cap
Manufacturer: MADERO
Other ADA sills cannot compete with Endura. Endura ADA Sills provide optimum features and performance in many ADA applications.
The modular design and all-aluminum construction simplifies the way we think of ADA compliant door systems, making application and operation easy.
Without compromising ease-of-use, the patented dam feature provides the most effective method for preventing air and water infiltration, allowing the inside of your home to remain protected from outside elements. The included full-length caulking strip helps installers provide a complete barrier against infiltration beneath the sill.

  • ADA compliance, meaning the overall height of the sill does not exceed ½'
  • Dam feature provides an effective method for keeping air and water out of your home
  • Caulk Strip creates a barrier under the sill
  • Sill provides a thermal break to protect against significant temperature differences between the exterior and interior of your home

  • ADA Standard Cap
    While ADAptive can't prevent changes to the flooring after specification of the door system, it allows for simple, fast cap changes that don't require removal of the sill or door system. ADAptive Sills utilize a single base design that accepts removable and interchangeable caps.

    What does it do?
  • The ADAptive Standard Cap provides a smooth finish for maximum contact between your door bottom sweep and the sill.

    Where does it go?
  • This cap is located on the surface of the ADAptive sill