New 2020 - Endura

September 16, 2020

Doors Powered By Endura® Sills & Sill Systems deliver smarter protection and unmatched performance against air and water infiltration, eliminating callbacks, enhancing installation, and delivering year-round savings.

Testing at Endura goes beyond the basic requirements. Z-AC has been extensively tested and proven to outperform every other sill on the market, even in less-than-ideal situations. Z-AC has undergone Comprehensive Independently Certified Testing, revealing higher Design Pressure (DP) ratings than any other sill, including areas prone to severe weather. Plus, Z-AC sills and door bottoms have been strenuously tested for durability, undergoing and standing strong through a minimum of 25,000 cycles and delivering real-world performance you can count on, now and in the years to come.

Larson Scenix Porch Windows with Retractable Screens

June 3, 2020

STAYCATIONS are a real thing this summer! Families will be staying closer to home either at their city residence or at the summer cottage. Introduce your customers to Scenix Windows. Perfect for walk-outs, porches, or non insulated sun rooms.


  • Tempered glass panels offer expansive outside views.
  • Top and bottom retractable screens let in fresh air while keeping bugs out.
  • Unique design offers protection from the elements.
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