36" x 30" Roof Access Hatch

The roof hatch, made of galvanneal steel, is designed to easily offer access to building roof tops.

Material: 14-gauge galvanneal steel
Hinge: Heavy duty pintle hinge
Locking mechanism: Interior and exterior handle activating a slam latch
Flange: 2" fastening flange
Frame: 12" in depth, made of galvanneal steel
Gasketing: "D" foam adhesive gasket provides a flush and tight fit
Finish: High quality white powder coat primer
Components: 2 gas cylinders, retaining bar handles
Cover: 14-gauge galvanneal steel with 1" fiberglass insulation
Curb: 14-gauge galvanneal steel with 1" fiberboard insulation
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The Safety Post is designed in compliance to OHSA to extend 42 inches above a landing platform to provide safe ladder access through a roof hatch. The spring assisted telescoping design mounts to the top two rungs of a fixed vertical ladder.
  • Safe Access
  • Easy Operation
  • Mounts to Ladder

Material: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" high strength square tubing with a pull up loop provided at the upper end to facilitate raising of post.
Finish: Powder coat (steel), Mill (aluminum) or 2B Matte (stainless steel)
Colour: Safety Yellow (steel)
Fittings: Cast aluminum alloy with set screw hold
Balancing Spring: Stainless steel constant force spring
Hardware: Type 316 Stainless Steel
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FlexiSnap Access Panels
  • Conceals all unsightly pipes and wires that you may need to frequently access
  • Suitable for any room in the house
  • Easy 3 step installation process
  • 3 sizes to suit your needs 
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